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In addition to the sales success of products and services, the business prospects of companies are strongly influenced by the external environment. Competition is, of course, constantly changing – especially in the context of politics, the ‘rules of the game’, the work of supervisory authorities, civil society, and societal activism.

The wider the company’s playing field, the wider the range of risks and opportunities it faces from society. How should a company manage all these risks and opportunities?

Regardless of the methodology, the implementation of an efficient government-relations management program is similar on average. It is important to:

  • identify the primary areas of concern, where the risks and opportunities may have the greatest impact on the company;
  • map social partners, who have the power to influence the business either positively or negatively;
  • introduce a monitoring system of public and non-public space (early warnings), that maps ongoing developments and provides input to the management for decision-making;
  • create a system for involving important social partners, where the company’s employees have regular and specific responsibilities in dealing with external influences.

Our success is secured by the longevity and systematic nature of our activities.

If the Riigikogu has passed the first reading of a bill that will hit your income statement, it is probably too late to intervene. In most cases it is no longer possible for us to start a cooperation by that time. 

Policy making cycles are rarely shorter than several years.  In such a process, the various parties make dozens or hundreds of decisions, all of which affect the end result, and in which a responsible company can participate.

META’s history includes several success stories of constructive, long-term dialogues, the end result of which has taken into account both public and private interests – from regulating new services (such as technology-ordered taxis or robotic couriers) to avoiding bank charges or excise duties on soft drinks.

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Contact our New Business Development Manager to analyze your needs, map out shared interests, and find opportunities for cooperation. You’ll be welcomed by the expertise of the entire META team.

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