META is an independent consulting agency

fully committed to your success.

We support businesses’ sales and growth expectations, protect and develop companies’ reputation and brand capital, and stand up for the interests and rights of organizations.

Every undertaking has a goal.
Every activity has a message.
Every message has an impact.

Our service package is total communication – the ability to be everywhere without being annoying.

One of META’s long-term focuses is managing the political and social interests of companies. We believe that there are few things that cannot be influenced. Politics, changing the rules of the game, directing the work of supervisors and societal activism – knowing and skillfully influencing all of these issues is one of the key determinants of our clients’ success.

META’s biggest advantage for our clients is our strategic thinking and the implementation of these strategies. We are always ahead of the development curve, offering our clients the most meaningful service, independent of trends. We are your strategic partners; we support your growth and we enable better decision making. We know we are as successful as our clients are. Therefore, your plans are our plans and your struggles are our struggles.

An important part of META’s services is corporate communication, public sector communication, internal communication (incl. Employer branding), and crisis management. We can help with individual branding concerns but, above all, we do it as an entire holistic strategy. As experts in crisis communication, we know that it is very difficult to predict a crisis, but it is possible – and essential – to prepare for it.

META is your partner in sales and offers tactical solutions. We combine marketing communications, brand development, and social media. We surprise and innovate. We do things differently and unexpectedly, with a fresh twist – and question traditions and universal solutions.

The strength of META in creating digital strategies, is our ability to create and perceive context. We have a deep knowledge of media and message creation. We understand how different messages play out in different channels and what is needed to create a complete and effective messaging environment. Both in print and in pixels.

META’s expertise

Experience the confidence of saying “I have my META team working on it.”

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