Don´t just ride the wave.
Create the storm.

A prerequisite for the success of public relations is a channel-based communication strategy.  Digital communication should be seen as an organic and well-thought-out part of modern PR, which must contribute to the company’s goals.

Digital strategy means far more than digital advertising and paid media. META’s strength in creating digital strategies is our ability to create and perceive context – by deeply knowing media and message creation, we understand how different messages play out in different channels and what is needed to create a complete and effective messaging environment in print and pixels.

Digital does not mean traditional.

The META toolbox includes the preparation of digital and social media strategies, content and text creation, and cooperation with influencers. Digital doesn’t mean traditional – with new solutions and campaigns, we can be inspired by what we or someone else has already done, but not just agree with it.

We do things differently, unexpectedly, and with a fresh twist. Our diverse knowledge of media work, crisis communication, and brand management gives us – and therefore you – a strong advantage.

Key contacts

Contact our New Business Development Manager to analyze your needs, map out shared interests, and find opportunities for cooperation. You’ll be welcomed by the expertise of the entire META team.

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