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A prerequisite for the success of public relations is a channel-based communication strategy.  Digital communication must be seen as an organic and well-thought-out part of modern PR, which must contribute to the company’s goals.

Digital strategy means far more than digital advertising and paid media. META DIGITAL‘s strength in creating digital strategies is our ability to create and perceive context – by deeply knowing media and message creation, we understand how different messages fit into different channels and what is needed to create a complete and effective messaging environment.

META DIGITAL can help you to create digital communication based on your business objectives or challenges, supporting your existing marketing and PR strategy and ensuring 360° communication.

The META DIGITAL toolbox includes:

Creating digital and social media strategies

We consider your business objectives, target audience and competition and develop a digital and social media strategy. We plan to use and link different digital channels and combine PR and other marketing activities. We will look at channels (including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.) separately and create a robust strategy if necessary.

Digital restart

A digital audit will allow you to understand your digital channels better and create more substantial and practical strategies to get closer to your goals. We will analyse your presence in the proper digital media, the system you have in place and the results you are achieving, help you improve your strategy and provide practical, creative ideas to achieve actual results.

META PR digital Audit

A PR digital audit will answer whether the messages created in a company’s communication plan are reflected in its digital channels. This will allow us to understand better the relationship between an organisation’s PR and digital media and to create more potent and practical strategies to get closer to the desired goals.

360° creative campaign

Every company has its challenges and objectives. We will develop a distinctive creative campaign using 360° communication: traditional media channels and digital solutions.

search engine optimisation (SEO)

The visibility of a company’s website is also an essential part of the digital marketing challenge. We’re making your website more visible in Google search to attract more visitors and be more findable than your competitors.

Google and linkedin ads

Google search is one of the most important online activities. We offer Google AdWords and Display advertising services to reach your target audience, increase the visibility of your products or services, and increase sales or brand awareness. We set up search and display ads and provide monthly management support.

LinkedIn Ads can help you reach the right audience professionally, increase brand awareness, build connections and networks, and achieve measurable results for your business. This channel is vital for B2B marketing but also significant for employer branding and recruitment. We can help you strategise, create ads and manage content to deliver results.

content creation

The strength of a PR agency is the power of the word. We create meaningful, high-quality, engaging, targeted, multi-faceted content that reinforces the brand and captures the target audience’s interest. We support Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn with content creation, day-to-day channel management, and ad set-up.

Why hire a digital marketing service from a PR agency?

Digital doesn’t mean traditional – when it comes to new solutions and campaigns, we can take inspiration from what we or someone else has already done but don’t settle for just that. We do things fresh, different and unexpected – our diverse expertise in media, crisis communications, and brand management gives us, and therefore you, a decisive advantage.

We’re ready to increase your brand awareness, drive engagement with your target audience and deliver measurable results – let’s start on the journey to digital success together!

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