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Marketing communication is one of the most complex and, at the same time, most important areas of communication. How to combine media, branding, marketing, advertising and social media to create a comprehensive and effective campaign?

A strategic approach to each communication activity is inscribed into the META DNA.

This area is undoubtedly one of the key strengths of META. This is evidenced by our Communication Agency of the Year title and the hundreds of annual prizes won across a variety of competitions.

A strategic approach to each communication activity is inscribed into the META DNA. A strategy that includes communication objectives with milestones and tailored end results, based on the central idea that, if competently implemented, it is likely to lead to better sales, greater brand awareness, and new positioning or another targeted goal.

The journey to such goals means integrated communication solutions in a fragmented media environment and in people’s increasingly individual customer journeys, where digital media, traditional media communication, and creative solutions support and enhance each other.

META offers a full service, where communication is approached holistically – we do not separate digital communication from traditional communication.  We create content where your audience is. 

The charm of marketing communication is measurable results – based on data analysis and 12 years of experience, we consistently create the most successful communication campaigns in Estonia.

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Contact our New Business Development Manager to analyze your needs, map out shared interests, and find opportunities for cooperation. You’ll be welcomed by the expertise of the entire META team.

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