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META Advisory is Estonia’s most successful public relations company

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Äripäev’s annual conference on communication management has recognised the best public relations companies in Estonia, and META Advisory shares the top spot this year with Akkadian.

According to Andreas Kaju, founder and partner of META, the agency’s success is based on its comprehensive communication management and execution approach. META has a culture of impact, success, cohesiveness and collaboration. “What sets us apart from other agencies is our unrivalled regional value proposition – META Advisory teams in other Baltic countries and a strong network of partners,” said Kaju. “We approach our clients through a very hands-on advisory approach. Our processes are well thought out, our teams have strong competence, and we apply client relationship management principles that enable us to deliver the financial performance that the business environment allows at any given time, year after year,” he said.


That’s why META has people who, besides having a broad reach, also have specific competencies or long experience and domain knowledge in one or another business area – food and beverage, financial services, medical and healthcare, technology and start-ups. “In addition, we have people with specialized skills and knowledge in technical professional areas such as personal branding and LinkedIn campaigns, digital marketing bootstrapping, reputation architecture, crisis management, etc.,” Kaju highlighted.

META Advisory would like to thank its clients who have trusted us as partners and encouraged us to evolve continuously. “Only with you can we successfully solve complex communication challenges and projects,” said Kaju.

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