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Five tips to get to the heart of Gen Z through effective communication

With every year, Generation Z makes up a larger share of the population with purchasing power. To win their loyalty, you need to start targeting them now. 

Who is Gen Z?

Gen Z is characterised by openness, high technological awareness and a global perspective. 

Gen Z is commonly defined as people born between 1997 and 2015. They are characterised by a constant orientation towards the virtual world, with an increasing emphasis on community. The community, be it, influencer followers, social media groups or even forums, is increasingly guiding their consumption decisions. As a result, Gen Z is strongly connected to ‘its clan’, based on shared values, experiences and worldview.

The interactivity of social media allows young people to ask each other for advice and constantly share their views. Gen Z is socially inclined and can quickly acquire knowledge and learn new skills.

Why is Gen Z important?

Young people are becoming an increasingly large part of the purchasing population. What’s more, Gen Z already has more purchasing power than previous generations at their age. One of the reasons for this is that Gen Zers are entering the workforce at younger age. It should be remembered that when marketing a brand, it is necessary to reach potential consumers as early as possible. The earlier we reach Gen Z, the more likely young people – both now and in the future – will want to be associated with a brand they identify with and believe in.

Companies and institutions that are forward-thinking and involve young people in developing marketing strategies will have an advantage.

Everything Gen Z is looking for.

How do you communicate to Gen Z?

To reach young people, you need to be in the same information space as Gen Z, know the unwritten rules of social media, and stay on top of ever-changing trends. The most important thing is to your communication to be: 

  • Concrete. Gen Z’s attention spans fade quickly, so there’s little time to win it. You need to be able to deliver your message in just a few seconds or be able to generate interest for them to stay longer.
  • Outstanding. Amidst the constant information noise on social media, you need to stand out and evoke emotion in Gen Z.
  • Sincere. Gen Z is used to consuming mind-boggling amounts of information, so young people have a good nose for authenticity. They can see through vague talk and promises and are not afraid to call it out.

“Companies and institutions that are forward-thinking and involve young people in developing marketing strategies will now have an advantage.”

It is essential to understand that Gen Z not only consumes information but also creates it. A successful communication strategy can initiate a discussion that allows Gen Z to identify with the proposed topic, share their opinions and pull the entire virtual space along with them.

Five tips to get to the heart of Gen Z:

  1. Create a concrete and specific message.
  2. Collaborate with the right influencers – find people in a similar age group, popular within the target audience, and who are trusted or known. 
  3. Speak up on current issues and be active in promoting your brands values. 
  4. Pay attention to user experience, too – nothing embarrasses Gen Z more than a cluttered website and bad internet. 
  5. Use interactive and innovative solutions. Gen Z’s attention span is quickly distracted, so it’s essential to engage them from the first moment and make them feel like they’re a part of the promotion.

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