META joined the global PR network, Convoy

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Estonia’s leading government relations and PR agency META Advisory joined the global PR network, Convoy, which focuses primarily on the communication of B2B technology companies. Belonging to the network gives META the opportunity to serve international technology sector clients even better than before and to find new clients in addition to their existing ones.

META is the only Estonian agency that belongs to the global IPREX network, which is a network of independent (owned by local partners) communication agencies, with €381 million turnover, across more than 1,600 employees, in 110 offices around the world. Belonging to Convoy and IPREX gives META the most extensive international network of Estonian PR agencies.

“Being part of international networks provides us and our clients with additional opportunities. Going to foreign markets with our clients has become significantly faster and easier, because we are supported by a network of experts,” said Ann Hiiemaa, META’s Business Development Manager.

“Belonging to Convoy gives us access to international B2B technology brands who want to create campaigns with a real impact when entering the Estonian market. Our clients from the technology sector, in turn, receive support when entering foreign markets, as they have access to top-level experts besides us, who know the ins and outs of a specific target market.”

Convoy’s CEO Rob Ettridge added: “As B2B companies continue to need to create targeted and cost-efficient campaigns aimed at raising brand awareness and growing their customer base, access to local experts is essential. We chose META as our partner, because they have an excellent reputation and long-term experience in Estonia.”

META’s partners Andreas Kaju and Ott Lumi, who founded the agency in 2009, have built up two main areas of business during their 11 years of operation: Meta Government, which deals with government relations, and Meta Communications, which provides strategic consulting and communication solutions in media relations, marketing, internal communication and reputation building.

The Green Turn finally reaches everyone

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