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How did Ivo Nikkolo’s rebranding on social media reach 1.3 million people?

Iconic Estonian clothing brand Ivo Nikkolo required a makeover. The revamp didn’t just mean a change in clothing design and logo, but an overall shift in image and target audience. How could we reach a younger target group with a brand that has so far predominantly appealed to older, above-average income women? How can we make the rebranding really work? So that ‘youthfulness’ is not just an adjective, but permeates the whole brand communication language?
We weren’t talking about the clothes. We were talking about the women who wear them. We reached 1.3 million people through thoughtful communication and creative solutions on social media.

The challenge

Communicate the renewed Ivo Nikkolo brand to a younger target audience while maintaining the brand’s refined communication language.

Media coverage (Eesti Päevaleht)


  • Reach a younger target group of women aged 21-45 with the relaunched Ivo Nikkolo brand.
  • Convey the message that Ivo Nikkolo is not just a clothing brand but it tells the success stories of the women who wear them.
  • Pass on the message: successful women wear Ivo Nikkolo.
  • Talk about a renewed brand while using Ivo Nikkolo’s history as one of its strengths.

KPI: Reach and engagement with younger audiences.

“How to really make rebranding work?”

Target audience

  • Women 21-45 by age;
  • an ambitious career woman working in marketing, HR or a technology company;
  • a woman who wants to look well-groomed, but not overdone.
Photo: Erlend Štaub

Strategy and creative solution

We included four women with completely different profiles who spoke to various segments, told their life stories and shared their life lessons. These were young women who have made successful careers, mainly in the start-up field. They weren’t just influencers but women who best carried the Ivo Nikkolo brand message.

“They weren’t just influencers. They were the women who best carried the Ivo Nikkolo brand message.”

We organised a photo shoot and video filming with them, where they talked about their career stories and life lessons. We used the pictures and videos on Ivo Nikkolo’s social media channels, blog and newsletters to clients. All four women were also interviewed in various mainstream media publications. These stories used pictures of Ivo Nikkolo and referred to Ivo Nikkolo’s participation in the campaign.


Ivo Nikkolo is a women’s fashion brand that creates fashionable, high-quality clothing and accessories while empowering the women who wear them through fashion.


As a result, we reached more than 1.3 million people on social media and 914 500 people on traditional media, 63.1% of whom were women aged 21-34 and 35-44.


new followers on social media

1.3 million

people noticed the campaign on social media

over 70 000

reads on blog posts and in the newsletter


earned coverages in media

914 500

persons reached via media coverages


of brand followers were from a new demographic background

Meta team

Helin Naska Senior Consultant

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