Heidi Leid

Heidi holds a BA in Public Relations from London Metropolitan University and has over 10 years of experience in the communications field. She began her career in London with a small fashion business before moving on to McLaren Construction Group, one of the UK’s leading construction companies, where she spent seven years in the PR and comms department. More recently, Heidi spent three years at Yolo Group, a crypto fintech company, managing brand communications projects and leading employer branding initiatives.

Heidi has a positive outlook on life and is a strong communicator with extensive experience in building social media channels for both corporate and small companies, and creating consistent, engaging content. She is also skilled in employer branding and shaping a compelling brand narrative. Some of Heidi’s most memorable career moments include leading communications on projects with Arsenal and Southampton FC, managing several crypto projects, and helping with company rebranding on two separate occasions. She is also an enthusiastic event planner, having organised exclusive events, as well as international conferences for hundreds of people.

Her favourite aspect of communications is making connections and forming strong relationships with clients and coworkers. Heidi enjoys learning about people’s career paths and is excited to continue shaping her own.

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