Ceilis Keermann

Her business management studies and retail banking experience have given Ceilis a solid foundation in understanding business processes. She has worked in various positions at Luminor Bank, most recently as a Partnerships Project Manager, where she made a significant contribution to the establishment of the Partnerships as well as the department. She joined META from the consulting firm Ernst & Young, where she worked as a junior consultant in the consulting services team, supporting various impact analyses for both the public and private sectors.

Ceilise holds a Master’s degree in Change Management in Society from the University of Tartu. As a result, she can systematically analyse the impact of interventions and societal changes and create strategies for social change. In addition, she is actively involved in a social start-up she created during her studies, which focuses on reducing textile waste and improving the efficiency of clothing aid. She strongly believes that businesses play an important role in promoting social responsibility and achieving sustainability.

As a government relations consultant for META, she helps the company to achieve its objectives through the preparation of regular monitoring reports and analyses while supporting various government relations projects and building new client relationships.

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