META Advisory Wins Grand Prix at Region’s Largest Communications Awards

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The branding campaign “Skip 2020. Step into the future.” led by Work in Estonia and Meta Advisory has been announced as the winner of the category for the best employer branding campaign at Eventiada IPRA GWA. This year, a record number of participants from a total of 15 countries took part in the largest communication competition in the region.

The aim of the 11th Eventiada IPRA GWA competition was to celebrate the best communication campaigns of the year. Meta Advisory and Work in Estonia’s “Skip 2020. Step into the future.” was nominated in two major categories —  first place was received for creating the Best HR Campaign in Turbulent Times. The campaign also won the all-new award category for activities contributing to sustainable development.

Work in Estonia’s “Skip 2020. Step into the future.” focused on maintaining Estonia’s high-level reputation as a destination country for foreign IT talent. “Employer branding is of growing importance for every company and organisation. The fight for talent has been ongoing for a few years now, but is only beginning to reach its peak. The Skip 2020 success story shows that integrated campaigns, where the digital is not separated from the traditional communications, but are rather designed to support one another, are the campaigns that have a huge impact,” commented Ann Hiiemaa, META’s New Business Development Manager and a member of the Skip2020 project team, on the key skill of a modern communications agency being the ability to combine media communication, marketing, advertising and social media.

During the Skip2020 campaign, 222 new job offers were added to the Work in Estonia page, 17,242 people visited the campaign page, and 124 “Possible only in 2020” stories from people in the IT sector from 35 countries were written on the page. The campaign video was viewed more than 343,000 times in two weeks.

The META Skip2020 team consisted of Maarja Karmin, Laura Põldma, Anni Türkson and Ann Hiiemaa. The project manager of Work in Estonia was Kristi Veskus, the digital partner of the campaign was the agency Age Creative.a

The Eventiada IPRA GWA competition has been organized since 2011 by the Orta Communications Group and the International Public Relations Association. This year, the jury included 35 communication experts from 17 different countries.

Case study: https://metaadvisory.ee/case-study/skip-2020-and-step-into-the-future-we-broke-the-myth-about-how-an-image-campaign-in-the-public-sector-is-supposed-to-go/?lang=en 

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